Flexible Integration

Using QuickScripts is simple. Integrating with a vast range of products from key CRM solutions to main stream telephony platforms there is no reason to replace your entire existing solution. Call a member of the team today to find out more!

Customer relationships are key to all businesses, and for many CRM solutions provide the core foundations to maintaining these relationships. QuickScripts integrates directly with your CRM solution by providing both database and web service based lookups allowing for customised scripts based on the data available from the CRM itself.

Every new incoming call into your business could be a potential sale. Integrating predefined sales scripts arms your users with the best possible information for turning potential leads into converted sales.

However, scripts don't just apply to sales. Increase your customer service experience, streamline your end user support or simply provide your new agents with the tools they need to get up to speed quicker than ever before, the options are endless.

Outbound diallers for many companies are a key method of communication about their products and business, but how do you ensure that every agent is selling your business in the best possible light? Utilising predefined; yet flexible outbound scripts provide agents with the tools to sell your business like never before, increasing turnover and overall brand awareness.

Working with almost all outbound diallers, specific scripts can be popped depending on campaign ensuring your agents always have the best information at hand.

Of course QuickScripts can be integrated with solutions above, however the limits are virtually endless.

If you're looking to integrate a call scripting package into your solution, give QuickScripts a call today to find out how we can help you!